Red Star Revolution

This is my blog, i am a silly vaushite radlib who has delusions of being a leftist

i believe capitalism is causing a big issues in the world, it causes modern day slavery, modern day wageslavery, is inherently oppressive since it has a ruling class of capitalists which own the productive forces of society and use their ownership in order to turn as big a big money making as they can possibly do by making conditions as poor and as bad as it is possible for the workers.

All of this privately owned capital must be expropriated for the common good. societies in which all of the power is concentrated in an elite few is bad, and that is no good. capitalists have a parasitic relationship with the working class, since they do not work ten thousand times harder than their employees, yet they earn that much more than them. they are a drain on society, since they are mostly notproducers which do not participate with production of goods and services, they only reap the surplus product of teh people who work for them i think.

I want a society in which teh people themselves control the means of production and have control of the economy, and one in which everyone is ensured their basic needs are met and stuff. I want equality for all, freedom, and democracy in the workeplace. Because capitalism puts the profits before the people, and i believe that we the laboureres of society should turn that right on its head and we should all focus on human wellbeing instead.

i use she/her pronouns

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